Our Residential Programs

Cornerstone Community Homes owns and operates seven lovely homes located in Novato and San Rafael, in suburban Marin County, California.

Our well-maintained homes are located in a community setting, which offers shopping, dining, theaters, parks, hiking trails, and many other recreational opportunities for our residents.

Each home provides nicely furnished, comfortable accommodations and delicious, healthy meals and snacks for six adults with developmental disabilities. Most of our residents have their own bedrooms, and each room is individually personalized. Residents enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities, both in the home and in the community.

We serve men and women, ages 18 to 59, with diverse interests and backgrounds. Each resident participates in a program designed by a licensed clinician, which focuses on developing communication skills and appropriate social behaviors, as well as daily activity skills such as grooming and making purchases.

Our homes are fully staffed with trained Direct Support Professionals, who work with our residents in carrying out each resident’s individual service plan in a positive and supportive home environment. Our residents’ health is carefully monitored as they are assisted with medication administration and transported to medical and dental appointments.

Our residents are referred to us by the Golden Gate Regional Center, which is affiliated with the State of California Department of Developmental Services. If you are interested in placement for a family member at one of our Level 4 homes, please contact your regional center. For information about our current openings, contact us at 415-472-8600.

Brown House, Lic. 216800418

Cambridge House, Lic. 216801935

San Luis House, Lic. 216800881

Belle House, Lic. 216800652

Hickory House, Lic. 216800419

Sage House, Lic. 210109400

San Benito House, Lic. 216800416

Cornerstone Office

All of our homes are licensed as Adult Residential Facilities by the State of California Department of Social Services through Community Care Licensing.